‘Stars never matter’: Bresee not feeling pressure to live up to hype

‘Stars never matter’: Bresee not feeling pressure to live up to hype


‘Stars never matter’: Bresee not feeling pressure to live up to hype


Bryan Bresee came to Clemson in January with a lot of acclaim as a consensus five-star recruit who was ranked as the No. 1 overall prospect in the 2020 class by multiple recruiting services.

But despite all of the hype surrounding him and expectations that have been placed upon him, Bresee says he hasn’t felt pressure to live up to his star ratings and recruiting rankings because while others may look at those things, he knows they don’t mean anything once a high school player steps foot on a college campus.

“I don’t think there’s a lot of pressure, really,” Bresee said to reporters Tuesday. “Everyone’s so good at this level, and stars never matter. They disappear once you get to this level, so it was never a big deal.”

Similar to Bresee, freshman quarterback D.J. Uiagalelei – Bresee’s roommate – enrolled at Clemson in January as a much-ballyhooed prospect and former five-star recruit ranked among the top prep players in the country.

While some other highly touted freshmen might have felt pressure to meet outside expectations fueled by recruiting rankings, Bresee says he and Uiagalelei were too concerned with learning the playbook and other things upon their arrival to Clemson to worry about anything else.

“Coming here and just learning was the main thing for both of us, me and D.J., so that’s all we were really focused on,” Bresee said. “We both came in just learning the playbook, learning techniques — there was so much learning that we had to do, and I think that’s all we were really worried about, to he honest with you, just learning and everything.”

When asked if playing alongside former five-star prospect Myles Murphy takes any pressure off him, knowing he is not the only hyped freshman on Clemson’s defensive line, Bresee reiterated that doesn’t matter to him.

“I really don’t like to look back on that, the whole high school recruiting stuff and being hyped in college,” he said. “At this point, it’s just we’re all playing, and we’ve got to prove ourselves now. If our play shows that we’re doing well, then we’re doing well.”

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