Bresee admits he had a lot to learn when he came to Clemson

Bresee admits he had a lot to learn when he came to Clemson


Bresee admits he had a lot to learn when he came to Clemson


Clemson’s highly touted defensive lineman finally made his debut as a Tiger last week.

Defensive tackle Bryan Bresee said it was awesome playing in his first game, but admitted being nervous. The Maryland native started his career by jumping offside, but made up for it with a half-sack and blocked kick.

“It was awesome,” he said. “Especially with being so unsure early on about the season. Just getting out there and being with my teammates and playing. It was super exciting. It was really relieving to be out there playing, getting to do what we’ve been working so hard for over the off-season.”

Bresee on adjusting to the speed of College Football

“It was a huge change. Graduating high school early and coming in here was night and day. Everyone is super strong, super technical and I had to learn all that coming from high school. I definitely relied on my strength, my ability in high school. When I got here, I had to get a lot more technical and learn the plays. So it was a huge change from high school to college, but I’m starting to get it down now.”

Bresee credits Tyler Davis for helping him adjust

“Tyler Davis would be in here all the time with me going over plays, technique, watching practice after we just practiced…it was awesome learning from players who could be in there all the time with you.”

Bresee on what it was like when he went on the field the first time

“Running out there for the first time, I was super nervous even though there were no fans there. Just the idea of being out for my first college game, I was definitely a little bit shaken up and nervous. I get out there and the first play, I just offside didn’t really help. Getting the half sack and blocking that kick was definitely a big relief for me. It was like all the butterflies go away and you’re just out there playing football.”

Bresee on coming from a competitive family

“When I was really young, growing in my family, they made me hate losing no matter what we were doing. It didn’t matter if we were running down the street, playing basketball, whatever we were doing, it always just made me hate losing, and it has stuck with me to this point…it definitely molded me. I have a funny story that actually wasn’t too long ago. I was a sophomore in high school, and we were at a family reunion. My sister, who plays basketball in college, we were playing on a concrete surface. At that point, I’m still about 6’5, 260 pounds. I’m dribbling full speed down the court. It’s 5-on-5, just family. My sister thinks it’s a good idea to step out in front of me and take a charge around half court. I ran her clean over. That’s not a normal thing for a family to do.”


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