Chalk, tight ends making a splash in Tigers’ offense

Chalk, tight ends making a splash in Tigers’ offense


Chalk, tight ends making a splash in Tigers’ offense


J.C. Chalk and the rest of the tight end group had an impressive season opener at Wake Forest last week. The Clemson tight end not only had his first career touchdown as a Tiger, but other guys like Braden Galloway and Davis Allen also stepped up and made immediate impacts on the field for the Clemson offense.

The Tigers’ three tight ends combined for 114 yards on seven catches as the offense totaled 561 yards overall.

“It was a lot of fun,” Chalk said. “I mean, all of the guys were making plays and that’s something that we’ve really been working on in camp and even in the spring was just being able to be more productive in the passing game. Being able to see it kind of come to light a little bit in week one, that was awesome. I mean it just shows how hard the guys have been working.”

The Argyle, Texas native took advantage of those opportunities on the field, making one catch, which was good for 12 yards and his first career touchdown.

“I was super excited, Chalk said. “I kind of saw the defense and the coverage they were in, and I knew if Trevor was going to look to my side of the field, that there might be an opportunity to make a play and obviously he threw a great ball. He threw it in the one place that I had the chance to make a play and the defense didn’t.

“It’s fun being able to play with a guy like that, that can throw a ball like that and give you the opportunity to make a play. Being able to catch it and go celebrate with my teammates was obviously super fun, so it was an exciting moment overall.”

Chalk, who is in his fifth year with the program, knows a thing or two about having exciting moments. The veteran, who has helped the Tigers win two national championships, says while he can offer some tips from experience to the younger guys, they bring as much knowledge to the table as anyone, which has made things fun.

“There’s little tips here and there that I’ve learned on the way just technique wise that I’m able to pass on and likewise, those guys have tips that I might have to ask for help on,” he said. “It’s been a fun group just because everyone is so knowledgeable and understands the game and it’s been fun to be able to be out on the field and have guys that are also able to help coach, so it’s been a fun group to play with for sure.”


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