Things beginning to click for McFadden, Tigers’ offensive line

Things beginning to click for McFadden, Tigers’ offensive line


Things beginning to click for McFadden, Tigers’ offensive line


A week after making his first start at right tackle, Jordan McFadden earned co-offensive player of the game honors from his Clemson coaches. The Spartanburg, S.C., native is a huge part of what Clemson’s offensive line wants to do this season.

McFadden on his time off during the bye week

“I enjoyed it a lot. Now we have five or six games, it was a good break. I didn’t really do much, just tried to rest, get some recovery in, watched some football.”

McFadden on the upsets over the weekend letting him know anything can happen

“Definitely, but I feel like in our program Coach (Dabo) Swinney instills in us that you can get beat on any weekend. Every team has the capability of beating you. For this team it is about coming to work every day, trying to get better every day. Knowing anyone you play on any given night you can get beat.”

McFadden on the offensive line clicking

“I feel like as soon as we got back from the (national championship game) last year, it started working I felt as if we had the potential to be very special. I really realized it during the spring and fall camp that we can do something great and be special.”

McFadden on his recruitment and decommitting from Virginia Tech

“It really feels like it was so long ago, nothing against Virginia Tech they have a great football program, I still have a lot of friends on that team. I am extremely happy with the decision I made to come to Clemson. It has been the best decision that I have made. To be around this great group of guys, and coaching staff. I can’t stress enough how great these guys are, and the guys that have come before me along the way. This is the best decision I have made.”

McFadden on Virginia’s defense

“I have been watching things that they do. I got to watch the game vs. Duke this past weekend. They are a very good defense, they play really hard. They have a lot of tough guys and are bringing back experience. We are up for a good challenge and have to stay focused.”


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