Writers once again doubting Clemson, loving Bama

Writers once again doubting Clemson, loving Bama


Writers once again doubting Clemson, loving Bama


Clemson stayed atop the Associated Press Poll on Sunday, but writers are starting to throw their love for the top spot as more and more are casting their votes for the Crimson Tide.

Last week the Tide had just two first-place votes compared to eight this week.

The ACC had five teams in the Top 25 and four in the Top 10. North Carolina cracked the Top 10 for the first time this season, Miami moved up one spot to No. 7 and Notre Dame is ranked No. 5. Virginia Tech came in at No. 19.

Latest Associated Press Top 25 

1. Clemson 1,536 points (52 first place)

2 Alabama 1,488 (8)

3. Georgia 1,380

4. Florida 1,340

5. Notre Dame 1,239

6. Ohio State 1,165 (2)

7. Miami 1,148

8. North Carolina

9. Penn State

10. Oklahoma State

11. Cincinatti

12. Oregon

13. Auburn

14. Tennessee

15. Brigham-Young

16. Wisconsin

17. LSU

18. SMU

19. Virginia Tech

20. Michigan

21. Texas A&M

22. Texas

23. Louisiana

24. Iowa State

25. Minnesota



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