ESPN announcer says Swinney should have stayed quiet

ESPN announcer says Swinney should have stayed quiet


ESPN announcer says Swinney should have stayed quiet


ESPN announcer and host of its College GameDay Show, Rece Davis, says Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney should have stayed out of the way and not went off on Florida State’s administration like he did during his weekly media call on Sunday night.

Swinney of course was very outspoken and angry about Florida State’s decision to postpone this past Saturday’s game in Tallahassee, Fla., between the No. 4 Tigers and Seminoles.

“We meet the standard to play and we should have played,” he said. “We have mitigated everything all year long. All year … meetings, practices, meals, housing, how we travel. If the standard of play was zero positive tests, then we would have never had a season.

“This game was not canceled because of COVID. It was just an excuse to cancel the game.”

Clemson spent more than $300,000 to travel to FSU and offered to retest and play the game later Saturday night or Sunday. The Seminoles refused the offer.

“Dabo has the right to feel how he wants to feel, as he raised some points that I think had merit in terms of them being down there having followed protocols and other schools testing positive the day before the game and all of those things,” Davis said on Off Campus with Mark Packer on ESPNU Radio. “But this is not the way to present yourself and not the way to present your case when you are dealing with a medical issue.

“Once again, this is very much like what we have talked about with other cases. Different doctors can look at the same situation and have a different judgement about what course of action is best. And that is what appears to me happened in the Clemson-Florida State game, and I really think Dabo would have done himself a favor to stay out of that one and say, ‘We are moving to the next one.’”

When Clemson got back its results from Sunday’s COVID testing, the Tigers had zero positive results. In other words, Swinney and Clemson were right, they could have played the game on Saturday night or Sunday if Florida State would have agreed to the other options.

Instead, for whatever their reason, the Seminoles chose to postpone the game and will try to reschedule for December, which there is a chance might not happen. Regardless of what happens, Davis believes Swinney should have bit his tongue on this issue.

“Now look, [Swinney] has the right to say whatever he wants to say and I will always defend that, but at the same time we are in the business of evaluating what happened and I think he would have done himself a favor to walk that one back or walk away from that one rather than throw the gauntlet down in the manner in which he did,” Davis said.

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