Lawrence on Swinney: ‘He is a guy that I love playing for’

Lawrence on Swinney: ‘He is a guy that I love playing for’


Lawrence on Swinney: ‘He is a guy that I love playing for’


During his weekly press conference on Tuesday, Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney said his quarterback is the best player in college football, even if he does not win the Heisman Trophy this year.

“The best player in the country is Trevor Lawrence. I don’t really care what anybody says,” Swinney said. “There are a lot of great players out there, but the best player in the country is Trevor Lawrence.

“So, that is just the way it is. He does not need to win the Heisman for that to be the case. Most logical people out there know that, but it is all about stats and this type of stuff. But this guy is, play in and play out, and if you really watch him, it is unbelievable. That is why he will be the first pick in the draft. And it will not be close. It will not be close.”

Hearing his coach have his back like that is why Lawrence loves playing for Dabo Swinney. He loves his coach’s emotions and the way he stands up for his players.

“He has believed in me pretty much since I got here,” said Lawrence. “Obviously, I had to prove myself and he has never wavered. I feel full support from him and from everyone here, really. But he has always had confidence in me and as a quarterback that means a lot when the head man believes in you and has confidence and does not put any limits on you.

“That just kind of reaffirms that, and I have known that because he has expressed it to me. But definitely, he is a guy that I love playing for. He believes in all of his players and me. So, it is special.”

Lawrence says his relationship with Swinney has grown since he was a freshman in 2018.

“As a freshman, you get coached. You say, ‘Yes sir’ and then you move on. Now we have more conversations. Just kind of built that relationship,” the Clemson quarterback said. “Obviously, this year we have had conversations about everything and meetings and a lot of different things. We have gotten closer. I feel comfortable about going to him about anything. If there is an issue I see internally or whatever that may be, I feel like I can go up there and talk to him and he will receive it.”

The biggest thing about Swinney is his open-door policy. Lawrence says that is one of the things his players like about him. They can go to his office and talk about anything with him.

“I think pretty much everyone on the team has his phone number and anyone can call or text him at anytime and he will pick up. So, that is special,” Lawrence said. “I know there are not a lot of coaches who do that. I know if I need to meet with him, he is free. I can just pop up there and talk to him.”

Lawrence’s and Swinney’s relationship runs deeper than football. The Clemson coach, who is always in the news it seems, has taught Lawrence how to handle the media and the scrutiny that comes with being one of the Heisman Trophy favorites.

“Obviously, he is under a microscope and has a huge spotlight on his life and he has taught me how to deal with that,” Lawrence said. “I have learned a lot from him. You have to live your live. Obviously, there are a lot of things said about Coach Swinney, but at the end of the day, he is going to do what he thinks is best and live his life.

“You can’t always listen to what other people say. I have learned a lot from him and how to handle that. I think that is probably the biggest thing I appreciate from him.”



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