Lawrence explains why offense started slow at VT

Lawrence explains why offense started slow at VT


Lawrence explains why offense started slow at VT


No one was more excited for Darien Rencher’s 50-yard touchdown run than Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence in last Saturday’s 45-10 victory over Virginia Tech.

Lawrence talks about Rencher’s score, the offense and more.

Lawrence on the offense’s performance against VT

“I think it says a lot about this team’s offense that we don’t let the elements affect us. We knew coming into this game, that in the run game we would have some opportunities to make some plays. The guys up front, the running backs, just all around, had receivers blocking on the parameter. I think we had a good job managing it. Obviously, everything didn’t go perfect, and they did some good stuff on defense. There are still things we have to work on and get better, especially me personally.”

Lawrence on Darien Rencher’s touchdown

“I saw him kind of break. I honestly thought he would get caught before he got to the end zone. It was a great play. It’s so great to see those guys get rewarded, especially Darien. We have a really close relationship. We’ve been friends the past three years. Nobody works harder than him. Obviously, he got the inspiration award this last week. I know that was awesome for the whole team to see…We just love him. I think everyone has a great amount of respect for Darien.”

Lawrence on VT’s milking the clock

“Yeah, we only got four possessions in the first half. I think they almost doubled our time of possession throughout the whole game. I think the hardest thing about that it’s not being able to get into a good rhythm or routine. You’re on for a series then you’re sitting in the sidelines for 10 minutes. I think we did a good job of figuring it out and making plays, keep punching, keep swinging. I think that’s something we handled pretty well considering their game plan.”

Lawrence on playing for another ACC Championship in Charlotte

“It’s a great city. It’s just a cool atmosphere. Obviously, it will be a little different. When we go back to Charlotte, it shows we are where we want to be. We are still in control of our own destiny. All the goals that we have are still in front of us. That’s the best feeling. We take it one game at a time, but you know what you’re working for. It’s definitely one of those big goals to get there. It’s awesome, but we have to go finish.”

Lawrence on why it so long to get going on Saturday 

“I feel like we were going at a good tempo but it’s hard to figure someone out when you only have four possessions the first half. You don’t have a lot. You don’t have a lot of stuff to work with. Okay this did this, but we only ran 20 something plays. That’s hard to adjust, but we keep doing what we do best. Keep communicating with the O-line and receivers, coaches, just everybody. What we are seeing and mirroring it, get the details right and do what we do well.”



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