Did Day confirm Swinney’s shot at Ohio State?

Did Day confirm Swinney’s shot at Ohio State?


Did Day confirm Swinney’s shot at Ohio State?


Ohio State head coach Ryan Day unknowingly confirmed Dabo Swinney’s concern that the Buckeyes do have an advantage over Clemson when it comes to health.

The Buckeyes, despite playing six games in 2020, earned a No. 3 ranking in the College Football Playoff and will play the second-ranked Tigers in the Sugar Bowl in the national semifinals on New Year’s Day.

During Sunday’s Sugar Bowl press conference, Swinney again pointed out the Buckeyes have an advantage by playing five less games than the Tigers.

“I think the mental and physical toll of a season, there is nobody out there who would say somebody who has played eleven games versus somebody that has played six is better physically or something like that,” Swinney said. “It is a long season, and we are going on Week 21 and these guys have had no break. It has been a grind. Not just football wise, but the mental challenge and the personal sacrifice and commitment that everyone has had to make to be able to play and continue to play.”

Swinney pointed out that anytime they step in between the lines there is a lot that can happen.

“That is a lot of practices and a lot of physicality. It matters,” he said.

Day basically agreed with Swinney, though he really was not trying to. He was answering a question on Justin Fields’ thumb.

“The good thing for us is we have not played in that many games,” he said. “So, we have been fairly healthy in terms of the physicality of it all. Where we have had a hard time is with people testing positive and that is the thing that has made things very difficult for us and hopefully, we get some of those guys back.”

As for Fields’ injured thumb, Day says he will be fine.

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