ESPN analysts give their takeaways from Lawrence’s Pro Day

ESPN analysts give their takeaways from Lawrence’s Pro Day


ESPN analysts give their takeaways from Lawrence’s Pro Day


Former Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence, the projected No. 1 overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft, held his own Pro Day on Friday at the Poe Indoor Practice Facility in Clemson.

In all, 31 people made up of scouts, coaches and front office personnel from 17 NFL teams were in attendance and watched Lawrence throw 52 passes to four different receivers in a 30-minute workout. Two of those receivers were Clemson’s Cornell Powell and Charone Peake. Notre Dame’s Chris Finke was also one of the four pass catchers for Lawrence.

NFL teams represented at Lawrence’s workout were the 49ers, Broncos, Chargers, Dolphins, Eagles, Falcons, Giants, Jaguars, Jets, Lions, Panthers, Patriots, Raiders, Saints, Steelers, Texans and Titans.

Lawrence’s Pro Day was broadcasted live by the ACC Network, with a simulcast of the ACC Network’s coverage on ESPN2. In partnership with ESPN, the workout was also carried live by the NFL Network.

After Lawrence wrapped up his workout, ESPN NFL Draft analyst Todd McShay and ACC Network analysts Tim Hasselbeck and EJ Manuel gave their takeaways from what they saw while watching Lawrence throw. Here is what they had to say:

McShay: “One of the things I do like to watch and study in these Pro Days is how, in the red zone, these quarterbacks place the ball. I think it’s so important just to see how quickly they get the ball out and throwing the ball high where the defender can’t go get it, and I saw that consistently inside the red zone today – just the ability to throw the ball high in that specific spot, the ball placement. Yes, the deep throws were great, and the vertical throws is what everyone loves – they’re the sexy throws in this pass drill. But inside the red zone, you can learn a little bit about a quarterback in terms of how quick he gets it out and where he places that ball.”

Hasselbeck: “Todd has brought up a point a few times about kind of the quickness, the suddenness. I think one of the challenges is when you’re a player that’s nearly 6-foot-6 – and Todd referred to him as being a long-levered guy – is the ability to be quick, the ability to be sudden. Usually, guys are kind of slow and deliberate when they’re that size, and that’s not how he is. I think that’s one of the things that makes him unique. I think it’s one of the things you see when you watch him throw on air, but it’s also one of the things you see when you watch him play. So, obviously we came into this not thinking that anything was going to be earth-shattering or change anything. But it is confirming, especially if you’re doing it and you’re watching it at field level. So, it was probably as expected in terms of it being an impressive workout, which quite honestly, is why he probably decided to do it, knowing that it was going to be just that when he didn’t have to take part in this.”

Manuel: “You talk about those red zone throws. You want to throw it high and away so only a receiver can have a chance to get his hands on it. But overall, for me, what Trevor did was he was clean. His footwork was sharp. Again, the way that he was moving in the pocket – and sure, it’s all simulated, you don’t have a real pass rush or necessarily a real game going on – but it was just good to see him have clean footwork. When he breaks the pocket, he’s not stumbling over himself, he’s not putting the ball in spots where it’s unrealistic – where in real life, a real game, a DB would have gotten his hands on it. From what I saw, every ball was placed perfectly. And of course, there’s always a few throws that you’re going to miss, but that’s part of playing football.”

Photo Credit: Courtesy of David Platt/Clemson Athletics Communications

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