Going to be emotional day for Clemson’s seniors

Going to be emotional day for Clemson’s seniors


Going to be emotional day for Clemson’s seniors


Clyde Trapp does not feel like he is going to cry or anything like that this afternoon when Clemson hosts Pittsburgh in its final regular season game of the year. However, he did acknowledge it will be an emotional day for him and fellow seniors Jonathan Baehre and Aamir Simms, as they play their final game at Littlejohn Coliseum.

“It is just the realization it will be my last game at the LJC,” Trapp said. “I am grateful for my time here. I know there are big things ahead. These four years went by superfast.”

Trapp and Simms have spent all four years in Tigertown as they came in as freshmen in 2017. They were a part of the 2017-’18 team that advanced to the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament. Baehre joined the program the following season after transferring from UNC-Ashville.

“I think it will be (an emotional day), especially for Clyde and Aamir. They are four-year guys,” head coach Brad Brownell said. “They are guys that have been through a lot here. Those guys, they have done a lot of winning. They have been a part of a lot of success. The Sweet 16 team. The Gold-Medal winning team overseas. Last year’s team beat three top six teams in the country and really rallied. We were playing pretty well. Who knows what would have happened against Florida State? Had we not won that we would have been another postseason team. That team would have gone to the NIT last year. I am pretty sure.

“This year’s team is going to make the postseason. That’s like four-postseason teams that this senior class has been a part of. That is pretty good now.”

This year’s seniors also helped knock off North Carolina for the first time in Chapel Hill.

“They are not going to get enough credit. They are going to be at least nine games short this year of … Who knows what our record would be right now if we played our full complement of games,” Brownell said. “I would like to think we would have twenty some-odd wins right now. In their careers, they would be on 20-win teams in three out of the four years they played.

“These guys are pretty highly decorated in terms of what is the most important, which is winning. Hopefully, it is going to be two out of four NCAA Tournaments. Again, a Gold Medal. I think Ben (Winterrowd) told me they beat ten top 20 teams in their careers. So, they have done a lot that way and obviously, they are great kids. I have had zero problems with these guys. Zero discipline issues with any of the three of these guys. They are all pretty mature. They are all guys that handle their business like grown men.”

Simms, just the fourth player in Clemson history to amass 1,000 points, 550 rebounds, 75 steals and 75 blocks, is excited about playing Pitt, but he knows it is going to be an emotional day for him and his teammates.

“I will take a small time to reflect on my time here and everything we have accomplished as a program in my four years,” the senior said. “It does make me a little teary eyed, but I don’t think I will be very emotional.

“I think it was for me our first game here (this year). I think it was the South Carolina State game, I had a little moment to myself. So, I don’t think I will be really emotional, but I will definitely take some time to sit back and reflect on my time here.”

Clemson’s game against Pitt tips off at noon.

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