Watson's lawyer comments on allegations

Watson's lawyer comments on allegations


Watson's lawyer comments on allegations


Now that Houston area lawyer Tony Buzbee has had his say in his clients’ sexual assault civil case against Deshaun Watson, the three-time Pro Bowl quarterback will now have his say.

Watson’s lawyer, Rusty Hardin, says he plans to respond to the allegations against his client next week.

On Friday, Buzbee said seven lawsuits have been filed, who is alleging sexual misconduct by the Houston Texans’ quarterback against masseuses. Buzbee said in a called press conference on Friday that more are to come.

Five more cases against Watson could come soon, bringing the total number of accusers to 12. However, that number could increase as well, as Buzbee says he and his office have been in touch with at least 10 more women who share similar stories to the 12 other women he is already representing.

However, Watson vehemently denies the charges, staying true to the original statement he released via social media earlier in the week. Hardin asks everyone to have an open mind as Watson begins his defense against  the allegations.

“I’m extremely proud to represent Deshaun Watson and wholly stand behind him against what we believe are meritless allegations,” Hardin said in a statement. “However, we will wait to comment in detail until we’ve completed our review of the numerous, evolving allegations from Mr. Buzbee. We will respond next week and ask you to keep an open mind until we do so.”

The NFL has already said it is beginning its own investigation on Watson and Buzbee says Houston law enforcement has been in contact with him as well.

As of Friday evening, the Houston Police Department said they had not been in touch with Buzbee.

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