Former teammate shares support for Watson

Former teammate shares support for Watson


Former teammate shares support for Watson


The last 10 days have been long for Houston quarterback Deshaun Watson.

As one allegation after another in a sexual misconduct lawsuit has been filed, it has seemed, at least publicly, Watson and his defense team have been all alone. That was until Thursday.

Will Fuller, one of Watson’s former Houston teammates, shared support for the All-Pro quarterback in a story by the Sun Sentinel in South Florida. Fuller, who recently signed with the Miami Dolphins, was featured in an article about playing for the Dolphins and proving his worth in Miami.

However, in the article, Fuller was asked if had been in contact with the former Clemson quarterback, who has been accused of sexual misconduct by 14 women.

The NFL has already issued a statement saying it is looking into the allegations against Watson, who claims he is innocent and will prove he has done nothing wrong.

On Tuesday, Watson’s attorney, Rusty Hardin, said he has evidence that may help the former Clemson star.

“I fully support Deshaun. I don’t know any of the specifics about what’s going on with him. But I’ll fully support him,” Fuller said.

Hardin said in a statement he believes the allegations against Watson are “completely false” and his law firm has “strong evidence” showing that one of the allegations is false, which “calls into question the legitimacy of the other cases as well.”

Given the circumstances, Fuller says Watson is doing well.

“Yeah, I’ve been talking to him. To me, it seems like his head’s on completely straight,” the wide receiver said. “I’m just looking forward to seeing where everything goes. Hopefully, he’s OK.”

Last Saturday night, Tony Buzbee, the Houston attorney who is representing the 14 women, wrote he will be seeking formal charges of sexual assault against Watson, as early as this past Monday.

Buzbee posted on Instagram he will be submitting affidavits and evidence to the Houston Police Department and the Houston District Attorney. He will then request that a grand jury be empaneled to consider the evidence. However, as of Thursday morning, nothing new on this front has been reported.

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