NFL doctor finds use of multiple massage therapists unusual

NFL doctor finds use of multiple massage therapists unusual


NFL doctor finds use of multiple massage therapists unusual


A former NFL team doctor finds it very unusual for a player, such as Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, to use multiple massage therapist, much less 24.

Dr. David Chao, who was the team doctor for the San Diego Chargers and was in the NFL for almost two decades, wrote on Thursday morning, massage therapy is an integral part of an athlete’s rehab and recovery.

“The NFL players that I have interacted with have wanted consistency in the care and maintenance of their bodies,” he wrote. “Whether surgeon, doctor, physical therapist, athletic trainer, strength coach, personal trainer, chiropractor, nutritionist or massage therapist, professional athletes demand consistency in what they need for their bodies to stay in top form.”

Watson is accused of sexual assault by 14 different women, who claim the former Clemson star wanted more than a massage from them. They have all filed lawsuits against Watson and their attorney says there could be as many as 10 more to join in the lawsuit.

The NFL has already issued a statement saying it is looking into the allegations against Watson, who claims he is innocent and will prove he has done nothing wrong.

“I make no opinion as to any guilt or innocence in the massage therapists vs. Deshaun Watson saga,” Dr. Chao wrote. “My only comment is that medically, it is very strange for any professional athlete to have their deep tissue, Swedish, trigger point or sports massages performed by multiple different people on a rotating basis.”

On Tuesday, Watson’s attorney, Rusty Hardin, said he has evidence that may help the former Clemson quarterback.

Hardin said in a statement he believes the allegations against Watson are “completely false” and his law firm has “strong evidence” showing that one of the allegations is false, which “calls into question the legitimacy of the other cases as well.”

“Maybe there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for Watson’s unusual massage therapist rotation. Maybe this is all made up and not true,” Dr. Chao wrote. “Certainly, I have never heard of hiring massage therapists off Instagram (but maybe that just makes me old and out of touch). All I can say is that the merry-go-round of massage therapists is something that I have not witnessed during my two decades of experience in professional sports medicine.”

Last Saturday night, Tony Buzbee, the Houston attorney who is representing the 14 women, wrote he will be seeking formal charges of sexual assault against Watson, as early as this past Monday.

Buzbee posted on Instagram he will be submitting affidavits and evidence to the Houston Police Department and the Houston District Attorney. He will then request that a grand jury be empaneled to consider the evidence. However, as of Thursday morning, nothing new on this front has been reported.

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