Boyd believes expanded playoff does not change a thing

Boyd believes expanded playoff does not change a thing


Boyd believes expanded playoff does not change a thing


Since the College Football Playoff sub-committee released its recommendations Thursday to expand the playoff, it has been the hot button topic in the sports world.

Recently, The Clemson Insider spoke with former Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd about the expanded playoff field. He feels expanding the playoff to 12 teams might be too much for the players safety and health and felt that maybe the regular season should be trimmed a bit.

However, he said the playoff will make this a little more exciting in the long run, but he still expects the same teams to always battle for the national championship.

“The way I look at it, there are three teams that are always going to be in the playoffs … Clemson, Bama and Ohio State. The fourth is a round robin, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Oregon or whomever,” Boyd said. “But if you follow that trend, you also know why those same teams are always in there. What kid in high school does not want to go play for someone that has an opportunity to win a championship. That is one.

“Two, since they are playing an extended season and are getting an opportunity to play in a playoff and getting an opportunity to play for national championships, there is a likelihood you can get drafted out of those situations and so that grows higher too.”

Boyd said in most years he does not expect there to be 12 teams with a legitimate shot to make the top 12, but the new format will help other programs recruit at a higher level because they can legitimately say they can make the playoff and play for a championship.

“I think it spreads a little bit because no one else can really say that before, and if they did, they were lying,” the ACC’s all-time leading passer said. “It changes everything. It is a good and a bad thing. I don’t think there is twelve teams good enough in any give year, but I guess it will be fun to see.”

Boyd feels an expanded playoff can be watered down in football. It is not a sport like basketball where just any team can win a national championship.

“In basketball, legitimately, there is one player that can take over a game. Football is … my guys are better than your guys,” he said. “You have to win those individual matchups. I don’t care what UConn does. They can play their best game and it is not going to be good enough.

“I get it, you can lose. You have to play every game and you have to play well, but it is not a reality anymore. You have to turn the ball over twelve times to lose to certain teams. Once you get out of that top 10, unless it is one of those odd years like Pittsburgh, NC State or something like that. It is just the name of the game, but consistently, there is not enough teams to play at [the Clemson and Alabama] caliber because they are back loaded.”

The former Clemson star says Clemson, Alabama and Ohio State are years ahead of everyone else in college football.

“Clemson is four or five years ahead of everybody. Alabama is four or five years ahead of everybody. You are not going to see the instant impact of [a playoff] right now, but at some point, if you continue with this, things will shift and it will open everything else up,” he said.

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