Desmond Howard: CFP flawed from the start

Desmond Howard: CFP flawed from the start


Desmond Howard: CFP flawed from the start


The College Football Playoff management committee provided an update on its progress in playoff expansion talks on Friday afternoon.

Earlier this month the CFP working group announced a proposal to expand the playoff to include 12 teams rather than the current four-team model. The management committee spent Thursday and Friday reviewing the proposal but still has a long way to go before any changes occur to the existing system.

While many observers of the sport enjoyed the four-team playoff and a lot of analysts, coaches and administrators are hesitant towards the idea of expansion ESPN’s Desmond Howard thinks the change was a long time coming.

“The model we have had since 2014 was greatly flawed coming out of the gate. But what happened was everybody was so excited to have a playoff and we were hungry to have a playoff because everybody hated the BCS,” Howard said on SportsCenter Friday. “So, they gave us a model with just four slots when we have a power five and not even talking about the group of five.”

The biggest issue for Howard was having one less team in the playoff than Power Five conferences and a lack of representation from the Group of Five schools. Notre Dame only complicated the issue for the former Heisman Trophy winner because there were not enough seats at the table.

“That’s inherently flawed because four slots for five teams the math just doesn’t jive,” Howard said. “Then on top of that you have independent Notre Dame and if they have a good season, you know they will get it and now you have three slots.”

While Howard always advocated for expansion of the playoff, he was surprised to see the working group jump from four teams to eight. And he thinks the change will be a difficult process because of the rapid proposal.

“It had to move to more than four, I thought it would be eight, I was really surprised that they said we would go to 12. It’s going to be difficult it still has to be voted on and is being presented to the presidents and chancellors,” Howard said. “But it seems like these guys are really harping on doing 12 because they said this process has been going on for two years and this is the number they are set on.”

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