Notebook: Day 2 observations of the Clemson freshmen

Notebook: Day 2 observations of the Clemson freshmen


Notebook: Day 2 observations of the Clemson freshmen


The Tigers returned to the practice fields Saturday afternoon for the second day of camp.  The weather cooperated and Clemson was able to dodge the storms and get the entire practice in outdoors.

Thanks to a decision from coach Swinney the media in attendance were allowed to watch the entire practice, which is very unusual at Clemson.

Here are some observations about the great freshmen class from the second day of camp.

  • Beaux Collins was downgraded to a yellow jersey Saturday.  On Friday he was in green and able to participate in some of the drills.  He got some running in around the field during part of the practice.
  • Marcus Tate got plenty of attention from coach Caldwell and Matt Bockhorst.  As we watched one drill coach Caldwell was correcting Tate on one of his reads.  Bockhorst was even more vocal as he made sure to let Marcus know what he was doing wrong.  Later in the practice they had Tate running second team guard.  Tate opened some eyes with his play this spring and the staff and veterans are working hard to make sure he is ready to contribute this year.
  • Will Shipley’s speed once again stood out during Friday’s practice.  Similar to watching Spiller when he was at Clemson, Shipley’s speed just jumps off the page.  On one occasion coach Swinney pulled Shipley to the side and looked to be telling him not to dance as much but to take off up the field.  Shipley showed good hands catching the ball out of the backfield and they split him out several times.  Rencher was still running ahead of Shipley in some of the drills, but in others Will was getting on the field next behind Pace and Dixon.
  • Tristen Leigh was running second team left tackle in some of the drills we saw late in practice.  He seemed to be getting a lot of attention from the staff as they work to accelerate his learning curve.
  • Barrett Carter really showed off his athleticism in the one on one drills.  He did a very good job of covering on two of the plays we watched.  Coach Venables was working with him on one play showing him where he should have been in coverage on the play.  It is clear the staff wants to do everything they can to accelerate his learning curve and get him on the field when they can.
  • Before camp coach Swinney had told the media that they would cross train Andrew Mukuba at corner.  Saturday he got some time there and looked good in the one on one drills.  Coach Reed was giving him plenty of attention.
  • Decari Collins continued to impress on day two.  His route running really stands out and he made a number of nice catches.  Big things are ahead for this freshman receiver.
  • Jake Briningtool caught my eye.  Briningstool just looks different than the freshmen tight ends that have come through Clemson the last few years.  He looks confident and physically ready to make an early impact.
  • Will Taylor looked more comfortable in his second practice with the Tigers.  Taylor showed off his moves, and his speed when he scrambled on one play.  Friday it looked like they ran Wiles out in front of Taylor from the drills we saw, but on Saturday Taylor had a few chances to run out there in front of Wiles.
  • Brian Bresee has really taken on a leadership role this year.  We saw him working with Zaire Patterson and Cade Denhoff to make sure they knew exactly what the coaches wanted on one drill.
  • Billy Wiles made some more nice throws on Saturday. It will be interesting to watch his progression the next few years.



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