‘Even Georgia had to take a peek’  

‘Even Georgia had to take a peek’  


‘Even Georgia had to take a peek’  


Swinney on ABC capturing Tigers’ run down the Hill in ’13

When they hear Clemson and Georgia are playing in football, some college football fans will reminisce about the battles the two programs had in the late 1970s and ‘80s.

They will talk about Herschel Walker, Terry Kinard, Kevin Butler and David Treadwell. They will talk about Vice Dooley and Danny Ford and all the legendary players who have played in this game.

They will tell you how Clemson and Georgia do not like each other and how this game should be played every year.

Of course, in recent history, when Clemson fans talk about Georgia, they talk about the 2013 meeting at Death Valley. And it has nothing to do with the fact it was the first ever top 10 matchup between the rivals or that Clemson won an epic of a game, 38-35.

Most probably cannot tell you who won the game. However, what they can remember, especially those watching on television, was ABC’s coverage of Clemson’s entrance into Memorial Stadium that night.

On Saturdays in the fall, when they are playing at home, the Tigers will leave their dressing room on the west side of Memorial Stadium and board several buses who then drive them to the east side of the stadium where they unload and gather at the top of the hill just moments before completing “The Most Exciting 25 Seconds in College Football.”

That is what longtime sportscaster Brent Musburger nicknamed Clemson’s running down the Hill prior to the 1985 Clemson-Georgia game. After touching Hall of Fame head coach Frank Howard’s famous rock. The Tigers can only touch Howard’s Rock if they promise to give 110-percent before pouring into the stadium.

It is one of the most unique scenes and traditions in college football, and it is one ABC documented to perfection prior to the 2013 game against Georgia.

“It was like a six-minute infomercial with Brent Musburger narrating it. It was incredible,” Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney said. “We did not really know how it was going to turn out. It was literally like six minutes of just an infomercial. It was an amazing moment and coming down the hill.

“I remember the Dawgs came and met us at the hill and Brent Musburger had a comment about that, he had some funny comment.”

Musburger, as he always does, summed up the moment perfectly.

“Even Georgia had to take a peek,” he said.

The atmosphere that night at Death Valley was electric, and its one any college football fan, not just Georgia and Clemson fans, will not forget.

“It was just a really, really cool moment. And certainly, anybody that was wanting to watch that game, they just had to sit there and take it in. So, it was a pretty special way to capture such a unique tradition in college football.”

And, by the way, the game was not too bad, either.

Everyone can only hope next Saturday’s season opener between the two in Charlotte will be the same.

Football season has finally arrived. Time to represent your Tigers and show your stripes!



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