Elliott provides returns on freshmen wideouts, which guys are standing out beyond Ross

Elliott provides returns on freshmen wideouts, which guys are standing out beyond Ross


Elliott provides returns on freshmen wideouts, which guys are standing out beyond Ross


It’s game week and Clemson offensive coordinator Tony Elliot spent his Monday afternoon fielding questions for reporters as his offense prepares for Saturday’s marquee matchup against Georgia.

Elliott was asked about Clemson’s freshman wide receivers, now that he’s been able to watch them throughout the duration of fall camp and into this week of practice.

He provided returns on Troy Stellato, Beaux Collins and Dacari Collins.

Elliot was asked first about Stellato, who is a bit behind the eight ball. He arrived this summer and is clearly still picking up the playbook.

“Starting with Troy, (he) came in during the summer and was behind the Collins’ boys,” Elliott said. “Very talented. The biggest thing for him is picking up the offense. The first time through, he’s still swimming. Things are moving around. [I’m] very pleased with his ability, we just got to get him to the point where he can function on his own as opposed to

As opposed to Beaux and Dacari, who have been on Clemson’s campus since the spring.

“They’re big guys that are athletic, can run, can play multiple spots for us,” Elliott said. “Great after the catch kind of guys, also can go up and get the high points. I think they fall right in line with the many of the wideouts that we’ve had here.”

Additionally, at the other end of the spectrum, Elliott was asked about Justyn Ross and what the returns have been for Clemson’s No. 1 receiver since he’s returned to the fold after finally being medically cleared.

“You can tell that Ross is working his tail off,” he added. “He looks explosive and also you can tell that he’s putting in work from a knowledge standpoint too. You’re able to jump right in and just go function and he hasn’t practiced in a formal setting in about a year now.”

Outside of Ross, has anyone started to separate themselves in the wide receiver room?

“Frank (Ladson, Jr.) has had a good camp. (Joseph) Ngata is starting to come on, you’re starting to see what we thought we had in Joe,” Elliot said. “And then Ajou, Ajou is a guy we talk about a lot. He’s made tremendous, tremendous strides. Sometimes you put on the tape and you’re like, ‘Wow that was Ajou.” Just the nuances and the details are starting to emerge now that he has a better understanding of the scheme and he can play technically a little more sound.”

Elliot almost forgot E.J. Williams.

“You just kind of take E.J. for granted, but E.J. is very similar to Ross,” Elliott added. “He’s been a guy that’s been a putty guy for us. We’ve moved him around, put him in different spots and he’s handled that well. He’s electric…can make the acrobatic catches and he’s a physical guy too. That’s what I like about E.J., is that he might not be the biggest guy, but he’ll put his nose in there on the perimeter. I think he’s going to be a guy that’s going to be like a given…He’s had a great camp.”

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