ESPN analyst says Clemson's OL is 'in serious trouble'

ESPN analyst says Clemson's OL is 'in serious trouble'


ESPN analyst says Clemson's OL is 'in serious trouble'


An ESPN analyst is very concerned about Clemson’s offensive line after the Tigers allowed seven sacks during their 10-3 loss to Georgia on Saturday in Charlotte.

ESPN’s Tom Luginbill joined The Paul Finebaum Show this week to discuss the fallout from the Clemson-UGA game and believes the Tigers’ offense will continue to struggle if the offensive line can’t sort out its issues.

“Clemson’s offensive line is in serious trouble,” Luginbill said. “And if you actually studied Clemson and you went back to last year and you watched them the last four or five weeks of the season, they were not very good up front. I would say they were below average. And you couple that issue with the fact that you’re breaking in a true freshman tailback (Will Shipley), you’re having to replace Amari Rodgers, replace Travis Etienne, replace Trevor Lawrence. You’ve got these wide receivers that are coming back to you, but they’re not seasoned yet. They may be talented.”

Luginbill added he thinks D.J. Uiagalelei isn’t quite as accurate of a passer as both Trevor Lawrence or Deshaun Watson were, and that only adds to Clemson’s problems offensively.

“In my opinion — and again, not to make a knee-jerk reaction, but I’m going back a little ways, I’m going back to high school here with D.J. — D.J.’s not the same innately accurate passer that either Trevor Lawrence or Deshaun Watson was,” Luginbill said. “That’s plain and simple. So, you add problems up front to a guy that’s not innately accurate, then you’re going to have some problems. And defensively might be able to carry them, but until they get that offensive line fixed, you’re going to continue to see some struggles out of the Clemson offense.”

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