Priority 4-star recruit feels he can make 'a major impact' at Clemson

Priority 4-star recruit feels he can make 'a major impact' at Clemson


Priority 4-star recruit feels he can make 'a major impact' at Clemson


The Clemson Insider checked in with a priority recruit who was on campus this past weekend.

Orlando (Fla.) Christian Prep four-star power forward Ven Allen-Lubin took in an official visit as he begins to narrow down his recruitment, which has been spearheaded by Clemson assistant coach Antonio Reynolds Dean and head coach Brad Brownell.

Lubin’s a mobile and very strong combo forward, who is a legit 6-8. He has both inside and outside scoring ability. He also has decent length and can guard multiple positions.

“My visit to Clemson was great. It was good to experience the atmosphere and the culture they’ve built since Coach Brownell got there,” he told TCI. “They just committed to what they do well at that school, in the classroom, and on the court. Their fanbase is crazy. Everyone is supportive, everybody’s loving, everybody cares for one another. That’s what I like about having that family environment that they have at their school. Just something I really enjoyed was actually spending time with my family over at Clemson. We also got to see what they also had to offer on the visit, so it was really cool. It was really dope.”

As TCI previously reported, Lubin was on hand for Clemson’s 19-13 win over Boston College at Memorial Stadium this past Saturday. He was taken up to the top of the hill with the high-priority football recruits and got to see one of the best traditions in college football.

“It was an amazing experience,” he said. “I honestly was clueless at the moment, what was gonna happen, what was the situation, but then seeing them coming down the hill, the fans getting loud and energy was just building. It never slacked since the beginning.”

He’s similar to some players who have had success in a Clemson uniform like Jaron Blossomgame, Aamir Simms and Donte Grantham.

“For sure,” Lubin said when asked if he feels like he can make an immediate impact at Clemson. “If I were to make my decision and go to Clemson, I feel like the way they develop their guys at my position and the history they have behind it; a way to develop guys, the skills they need to improve on and just their strengths and just continue getting better. And then, they have a higher chance of making an impact at their school and also going so far in life with their basketball career. I feel like I can trust them with that to where they can build my weakness to where they can be considered strengths and I feel like they can make me very successful in life.”

What was it about Lubin’s visit that stuck out the most?

“That family culture. That’s something that I was really looking for in college,” he said. “That family environment, somewhere that I can feel safe and be me and feel like I could really call it home. I feel like I can really call it home because wherever everybody cares about me, I feel like they’re gonna be my next family, like my Clemson family. They really supported me on that and that was kind of a big thing that stuck out because they also treat the other players like that. I feel like if I were to come to the school, I feel like I would be loved, respected and cared for.”

Lubin’s family was left impressed as well. What stuck out to them was the academic portion of the visit, which will certainly play a huge role in his eventual decision.

“I would say mainly the way the school’s run,” he said. “My parents are really big on academics and their academics are really high. They have academic advisors, tutors and all that stuff to really help student-athletes to where you can be successful in the classroom and not ever fail. If you’re ever struggling you can always come to them. I just feel like they don’t have to worry about me failing class or being unsafe or anything about me that could actually harm me in the future just in that environment. That’s really something that stuck out to them.”

The state of Florida officially begins practice on Nov. 1. While Lubin doesn’t have an exact date in mind, he plans on making his decision sometime in mid-November, before the start of his senior season.

He’s narrowed his recruitment down to four teams: Clemson, Notre Dame, Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech. By the end of next weekend, Lubin will have taken an official visit to all four schools and will begin to weigh his options.

Lubin originally had a top-7, which included Florida, Auburn and Alabama. He will not be taking an official visit to any of those programs, so they’re seemingly eliminated from contention.

“Just as the way since the beginning of my recruitment,” he said when asked how he envisions the remainder of his recruitment playing out. “Just lay back, trust the process and go through it. See the details of every school, what they have to offer and then make the comparisons of what school has what and just communicate that with my family. Sooner enough later, I’ll make my decision.”

What part of Clemson’s recruiting pitch resonated the most with Lubin?

“They don’t promise anything,” Lubin said. “They feel like I have a big opportunity to start for the team as a freshman. The opportunity is there for me, of course, it’s not going to be given, but it will be earned…I have the opportunity just to come out and make a major impact on that team.”

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