Shipley's 'blood is boiling' after missed opportunity against Pitt

Shipley's 'blood is boiling' after missed opportunity against Pitt


Shipley's 'blood is boiling' after missed opportunity against Pitt


Clemson freshman running back Will Shipley was back in the game this past weekend at Pitt following his leg injury during the NC State game on Sept 25. Excited to be able to get back on the field a couple weeks earlier than he had expected, he gives “full credit” to the training staff, and was “completely confident” in himself and his body.

While Clemson had a few missed plays, Shipley took full responsibility for those he missed. He dropped a pass that would have resulted in a touchdown and could have changed the momentum of the game for the Tigers, and he’s well aware of that.

“It was very frustrating for me personally,” he said. “I let myself down, teammates, coaches, a whole fan base, so I’m very frustrated with that play, and I’ve played it back in my mind 2,000 times already.”

Shipley believes he would have caught a ball like that one 99 out of 100 times.

“I’m thinking about it right now,” he said. “My blood is boiling because I make plays like that, and to not make a play like that in a big game against Pitt, I would do anything to get that play back.”

The past is the past, and Shipley looks forward to learning from it, but breaks down a little bit of what happened leading up to that specific moment.

“Great play call by Coach (Tony) Elliott, coming off of a first down run,” Shipley said. “I got my job done, I beat him (Pitt defender) down field. DJ throws a perfect ball, and I just don’t get my eye on it. Kinda running, body’s a little bit out of control, and I’m not seeing the ball perfect.”

Stating there’s no excuses, Shipley says, “I make plays like that.”

Learning from that mistake and working to improve during the week to get ready for Florida State, Shipley is hopeful of being given another chance to redeem himself on the big stage this weekend.

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