Reuben: 'You can’t sleep on two nightmares'

Reuben: 'You can’t sleep on two nightmares'


Reuben: 'You can’t sleep on two nightmares'


Feeling as if he had outgrown his soccer role, 6-foot-3, 285-pound defensive tackle Etinosa Reuben decided he would make a transition to the football field. Having not played football until high school, Reuben was noticed early on and quickly bought into the culture at Clemson. 

Reuben on his improvement throughout the season and his career…

“Experience has allowed me to adjust to the speed of the game. There is nothing more real than getting the experience in the actual game.”

Reuben growing up playing soccer with his younger brother before both their plans changed…

“It’s what we watched at home a lot. My little brother and I, our dream was to play professional soccer together at some point, but now he’s made the transition to playing football, too, so it’s pretty cool watching his growth.”

Reuben on how he knew he enjoyed football… 

“My sophomore year, I was playing (junior varsity), and I pretty much dominated that. Step up to varsity and make a couple plays, and that’s when I realized I belong. Sometimes I had thoughts in the back of my mind that maybe it was luck, but every time I was able to prove that it was something I was supposed to do.”

Reuben’s mindset of his leadership on the team…

“I always prepare a mindset of practice and prepare like you’re going to play. I try to keep that mentality so whenever my name is called I’m ready.”

Reuben on Swinney calling he and fellow defensive tackle Ruke Orhorhoro the “Nigerian Nightmares”

“They brought that up when we were both getting recruited. They called us insomnia because you can’t sleep on two nightmares. Whenever he wants us both in the game, he’ll say I need insomnia.”

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