What We Heard: Trenton Simpson

What We Heard: Trenton Simpson


What We Heard: Trenton Simpson


For the first time in his career, sophomore linebacker Trenton Simpson was credited with a sack in consecutive games against Florida State on Saturday. Simpson has been explosive on Clemson’s defense, eager at the opportunity to be on the field just playing football. 

Simpson speaks highly of his defense and defensive coordinator Brent Venables’ game plan headed into a matchup with Louisville this weekend. Playing fast and physical is the game plan for once again containing a mobile quarterback. 

Simpson on facing Louisville’s offense…

“They’re pretty explosive kind of like Florida State. The goal will be the same as last week’s, try to contain the quarterback trying to limit as many plays as we can with his legs. Go in there with the same game plan as Florida State and try to be the most physical team.”

Simpson on having a good defensive game against FSU…

“I was just playing free and having fun. That worked out for me. I just played free and as fast as I could. When the tackles came, I just tried to make every one of them.”

Simpson on facing a dual-threat quarterback…

“Oh yeah, you can’t take your eyes off a dual-threat quarterback. They can punish you a lot. You have to keep them caged and keep your eyes on them.”

Simpson on Clemson’s defensive line…

“They’re just so explosive, XT (Xavier Thomas), Myles Murphy, Tyler (Davis), all those guy, they’re explosive and they’re fast. It puts a lot of strain on the tackles trying to block them. Once the quarterback gets out of the pocket, we all know they’re coming from behind. Like last week, XT had a sack from behind. That makes it easier for the linebackers because we know they’re going to get to the ball also.”

Simpson on the ending of the FSU game…

“That was huge. Good to see Barrett (Carter) get a touchdown. He was so excited after the game. Just to get those stops and do it like Coach V wanted us to do, execute the game plan, play fast and physical was a great feeling because we worked hard all week in practice coming off a tough loss. Just doing what we have to do and taking care and winning was a great feeling.”

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