Official visit gives Clemson OL commit 'real confirmation' about his decision

Official visit gives Clemson OL commit 'real confirmation' about his decision


Official visit gives Clemson OL commit 'real confirmation' about his decision


Collin Sadler took his official visit to Clemson over the weekend with his family and once again came away impressed.  The Clemson Insider caught up with the four-star offensive lineman out of Greenville (S.C.) to get the details on his visit.

How did you enjoy the official visit?

Sadler:  “It was a great time. Just being down there, being with the guys, it was just real confirmation about my decision.”

What was the highlight of the visit?

Sadler: “Definitely just getting to know the players a little bit better. I had already built a really good relationship with the coaches, but just really getting out there with them, that was probably the best part.”

Who came with you on the visit?

Sadler: “My parents came with me. I also came with [Josh Sapp] and his family. Him just being my teammate, just how rare it is, especially for a school like Clemson to offer two kids in the same class from the same team, that was a real bonding experience for the both of us.”

Clemson 2022 commits, TE Josh Sapp (left) and OL Collin Sadler (right), Saturday, November 13, 2021 at Clemson’s Memorial Stadium. Bart Boatwright/The Clemson Insider

How did your family enjoy the visit?

Sadler: “They enjoyed it just as much as they enjoy any other visit. They’re honestly, probably way more excited about my decision than I am. They love it up there. They absolutely have nothing but the best praises to say about it.

Who was your player host and what was it like spending time with that person?

Sadler: “It was Walker Parks. It was great. It was cool spending time with him and all the people he’s sort of friends with on the football team. I feel like I fit in very well, so did they. I’m just really looking forward to getting up there and just continuing to build relationships up there.

What did you hear from the coaches during the visit?

Sadler: “Really just a whole lot of information. Just telling us what it’s going to be like in January, going over the playbook a little bit and just getting past a little bit of recruiting and more the realistic kind of stuff.”

Does Clemson’s resilience down the stretch give you confidence coming into next season?

Sadler: “I am really excited about that. I feel like especially with the class we have coming in, I feel like we have a ton of difference makers in this class. I hope that the majority of us will get an opportunity to start early and I’m just looking forward to getting in there and doing my best to make a difference there.”

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