Larger NFL presence than usual around Clemson

Larger NFL presence than usual around Clemson


Larger NFL presence than usual around Clemson


At the last viewing session that was open to the media, a good number of NFL teams were on hand for Clemson’s third practice of fall camp.

Scouts for the New Orleans Saints, Baltimore Ravens, Carolina Panthers, Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions, New York Jets and Tampa Bay Buccaneers were spotted watching practice.

Clemson coach Dabo Swinney was asked Wednesday if the number of scouts on campus has been more than normal.

“Yes it has been,” Swinney replied. “We always have guys here, but we’ve had a lot of guys here and they’ve stayed a while. Some years they’re here, drop some donuts off, watch a little tape and they’re gone. Some of them have been here for two days.”

“I guess we’ve got some guys they like,” he continued. “So, it’s a good opportunity for our guys to be evaluated — that’s awesome. There are a lot of guys that I think have pro potential. And, it’s good for the young guys too, to know that if you come to Clemson, you’ll have that opportunity to be evaluated.”

Jim Nagy, a former NFL scout and the Senior Bowl’s executive director, recently took to Twitter to acknowledge that the bowl has draftable summer grades on Joseph Ngata, Davis Allen, Jordan McFadden, Tyler Davis, Xavier Thomas and KJ Henry. 

That’s also without mentioning juniors like Bryan Bresee, Myles Murphy and Trenton Simpson.

Clemson has plenty of prospects that have caught the attention of the NFL and Swinney has made note of that.

“I think since I’ve been the head coach I’m second in draft picks, so we’ve had a lot of guys with the opportunity,” Swinney said. “Got another big group. Last year was not a big group for us — all these guys are back — so, hopefully, they’ll do what they’re supposed to do this year and a lot of them get the opportunity next spring.”



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