Streeter asked how Tigers can get back to being 'WRU'

Streeter asked how Tigers can get back to being 'WRU'


Streeter asked how Tigers can get back to being 'WRU'


It hasn’t always been smooth sailing for the Clemson offense this season, but now at the final stretch of the season the pieces of the puzzle are coming together.

Clemson, over the years, has been known for the exceptional talent it recruits at the wide receiver position. However, this season, no player has reached 500 receiving yards yet. Instead this season, passes have been spread more evenly across the wide receivers, tight ends and running backs, which just serves to show that offensive coordinator Brandon Streeter is trying to diversify his offense.

Streeter spoke to the media on Monday and was asked for a program that prides itself on being “Wide Receiver U,” what he thinks has caused a lack of production at the receiver position and how the Tigers can get back to being WRU.

“I think number one is our tight end room is very, very good,” he said. “That is allowing us to spread the ball out, not just with the receivers, but I believe — I don’t even know if this is true or not — but I’m guessing our running backs have more catches than we have had in the past. Our tight ends I know have had more catches than they have had in the past. I love that about our offense, because now we can spread the ball around and not need it to be one or two or three just receivers that are making those plays.”

Streeter shared that the versatility and dynamic nature of his offense has actually kept defenders on their toes all season. The offensive coordinator shared why this season he is putting more emphasis on keeping defenders guessing.

“So, I think I really enjoy the fact that we are able to highlight different position groups and be able to have go-to plays for different types of guys,” he said. “We are always going to have great wide receivers here, there’s no question about it. But just being able to spread the ball around, I think it really keeps the defense guessing on where you’re trying to throw the football and they can’t focus in on one or two guys, because we have several guys who are very close as far as receptions.”



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