What We Heard: Jordan McFadden

What We Heard: Jordan McFadden


What We Heard: Jordan McFadden


Clemson’s Jordan McFadden, an offensive tackle starting every game this year for the Tigers, most recently added the ACC’s Jacobs Blocking Trophy to his resume.

Something he has thought about and wanted to check off his list during his time at Clemson, McFadden says, “This is definitely a special award. It means a lot to me for others to think I’m playing well enough to win that award, so it was definitely very meaningful to me, and something that I was very proud of.”

McFadden has been playing through some pain the last couple of games, and admittedly has been missing some practice time because of it. Even though he’s a very experienced player, he still makes up for that missed practice time with “a lot of film study, trying to gain every
advantage mentally.” He also still participates in scout work, and makes sure he is getting treatment to make his body feel the best it can.

When asked about the transition to being game ready without the normal practice reps, McFadden stated, “It took me about a week or so to go through that change. My whole career I’ve practiced all week and went and played, and not really practicing as much, I felt a little sluggish maybe that first game that I did that. So, I had to learn that I may not practice as much, but I still have to do extra cardio, stay in shape and different things like that. I think practice is a big part of getting ready to play, so I definitely want to be out there for sure and do as much as I can. I think the coaches have done a great job kinda holding me back, and then pushing me when it needs to be.”

Looking forward to the ACC Championship this coming weekend against the North Carolina Tar Heels, McFadden stresses how grateful he and the veterans on the team are to have a chance to be back playing in this game, as they didn’t get the opportunity to last year.

Preaching to the younger guys that “even though coming off the loss (to South Carolina) was painful, but just the perspective we have because last year we were sitting at home, not practicing, not getting ready
to play for the ACC Championship. We’re all super appreciative of the opportunity, grateful, and we don’t want to take it for granted. So, we’re trying to pour everything we can just to finish strong this week.”

Hoping to bring back the ACC title to Clemson, the Tigers kick off at 8 p.m. Saturday at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte.


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