Swinney ready to take Clemson 'international'

Swinney ready to take Clemson 'international'


Swinney ready to take Clemson 'international'


On Wednesday, the ACC announced that Florida State and Georgia Tech will open the 2024 football season in Dublin, Ireland, in the Aer Lingus College Football Classic. The game, which will be the ACC opener for both schools, will be held Aug. 24, 2024, at Aviva Stadium, and Georgia Tech will serve as the home team.

Following Clemson’s scrimmage on Wednesday, Dabo Swinney was asked how he would feel about taking his team overseas. That led to a funny response from the Tigers’ head coach, who shared a story about how his name is in the Vatican.

“Let’s go. International, man,” Swinney said in response to the aforementioned question. “I mean, all we ever get to do is go to like Winston-Salem and places like that. (Brad) Brownell and the boys, they get to go to Hawaii and Italy. Hey, spread the love a little bit. … Let’s go to wherever. Let’s go to the Vatican. My name is in the Vatican, just so you know. My name, Dabo, is in the Vatican. Yeah, look it up.”

Swinney used to think his name, Dabo, just meant “Dat Boy”. But he was later informed that it means “I will give” in Latin.

“When I got the job in ’08, this guy comes up to me at the Shrine Bowl and he says, ‘Hey, Coach, do you know what your name means in Latin?’ And my exact words, I looked at him and I went, ‘My name’s a word?’” Swinney recalled. “Because my whole life, y’all can imagine growing up in Alabama with a name like Dabo, you get some ridicule. It just kind of comes with it. My name was ‘Dat Boy’, right, that’s how I got my name. … But you grow up with that, and then lo and behold in ’08, I go to the Shrine Bowl and the guy tells me my name is a word, and I’m like, ‘Wow.’ My name means ‘I will give’ in Latin.

“So later on, I get to the Vatican and they got all those Latin sentences, and there I am, I’m right there — Dabo. And all them guys that made fun of me my whole life, I don’t see Bill or Bob or John. I don’t see any of them. I don’t see Jeff up in the Vatican, but I’m in the Vatican.”

“So, let’s go to Rome and we’ll do a field trip to the Vatican,” Swinney added. “That’d be fun. We can’t play at the Colosseum. It feels a little choppy, too. It’s a little messed up, but we’ll find a place. Maybe we’ll play out where they used to do the chariot races in front of the Roman Castle or whatever.”

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