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07 Jun 17

The hardest thing to do in sports is say goodbye. For media members, it’s hard enough. For players and coaches, parents and friends, it’s a million times harder. Perhaps saying goodbye would be easier (…)

05 Jun 17

We all know about “it”. The thing you either have or you don’t. The look, the feel, the emotion. The definition of “it” can be elusive, but it’s unmistakable. Early in the season, Clemson had (…)

04 Jun 17

Double elimination provides margin for error for a baseball team. One loss isn’t doomsday. Teams come out of the losers bracket to advance in tournaments all the time. There’s a funny thing about margin for (…)

23 May 17

Dabo Swinney told fans not to make too much of his summer depth chart. He’s obviously right, but that hasn’t stopped us before, so why should this time be any different? A few musings concerning the most (…)