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24 May

Surprise! Surprise! Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson will not attend OTAs. NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero reported on Monday the former Clemson quarterback will not attend the Texans’ OTAs and he still (…)

19 Apr

As the NFL Draft approaches, one of the top questions in the draft is who will be the first running back off the board? Will it be Alabama’s Najee Harris? Will it be Clemson’s Travis Etienne? A (…)

17 Apr

If you were to ask Dabo Swinney why everyone is making a fuss over Trevor Lawrence’s comments in Sports Illustrated, when he said he does not play with a chip on his shoulder, he would point out that his (…)

16 Apr

Dabo Swinney has said countless times his favorite sport, as a player, was basketball. It is still a sport he plays today and plays well. Swinney’s love for basketball is becoming more and more obvious when (…)