Clemson fans boo Corso, but do they really know why?

When ESPN analyst Lee Corso picked Clemson to beat Louisville as his weekly “head gear” pick on ESPN College GameDay, Tiger fans at Bowman Field started to boo.

It was a moment that confused Corso and his ESPN colleagues on stage and even off stage. Samantha Ponder turned to one of our TCI staff members back stage and said, “Why are they booing him? He picked Clemson.”

Here is the whole video of Corso being booed by Clemson fans. Video


Ponder was right to ask. Why was Clemson booing Corso? Granted Corso’s reputation as a picker doesn’t bode too well for most teams he picks, but in game’s involving Clemson with the head-gear, he is actually pretty good.

In the previous seven games the Tigers have been involved in a College GameDay Show, Corso is 5-2 in those picks.

The only other time before today in which he picked Clemson, the Tigers won, 31-7, over Georgia Tech in 2006.

Corso’s head gear picks involving Clemson

2006 Georgia Tech at Clemson, picked Clemson, Clemson won

2010 Clemson at Auburn, picked Auburn, Auburn won

2012 Clemson at Florida State, picked FSU, FSU won

2013 Georgia at Clemson, picked Georgia, Clemson won

2013 Florida State at Clemson, picked FSU, FSU won

2014 Clemson at Florida State, picked FSU, FSU won

2015 Notre Dame at Clemson, picked Notre Dame, Clemson won

2016 Louisville at Clemson, picked Clemson, ???

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