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09 Dec 16

Clemson has final exams this week, which makes it a light week with regards to athletics. There are no games. Practices still happen, but they are abbreviated and sometimes called things like “voluntary (…)

01 Dec 16

Last season, Clemson’s football program leapt into the national spotlight. As its notoriety grew heading toward the title tilt with Alabama, many onlookers all across the country began to take stock of (…)

23 Nov 16

This week, some South Carolina fans got upset with me because I made an unfair and offensive comparison between their team and another 6-5 team. They couldn’t believe I would do such a thing. I couldn’t (…)

20 Nov 16

Efficiency. It’s the advanced stats buzzword in the 21st century. We have numbers that track it, and those numbers are beginning to seep into mainstream thought and conversation. Depending on your (…)