Morris Wants More Bite

Morris Wants More Bite


Morris Wants More Bite


Clemson offensive coordinator Chad Morris is looking for more bite from is offensive lineman.  As the team moved from shirts and shorts to shoulder pads and helmets the offensive line didn’t show  the same fight.

“You start seeing those guys that like to bite and those that don’t,” he said. “Some of them were biting real hard in shorts and shirts, but they are not biting right now so we have to figure out what happened when the pads came on.  If the guy isn’t going to bite with the pads on, it’s hard to coach that,” said Morris.

One player that has impressed the first few days of practice on the offensive line is Shaq Anthony.

“Shaq Anthony’s name keeps popping up,” Morris said. “He is having a really good camp. I have been real pleased with him, but we have to have other guys step up, too.”

Coach Morris is challenging others to show some fight on the offensive line.

“It’s time for David Beasley to step up. It’s now time for him to show it’s his turn. Kalon Davis is another one. Those are the guys we have to have step up. Gifford Timothy is another guy,” said Morris.

The Tigers practice if full pads for the first time Wednesday and coach Morris hopes to see improvement from many on the offensive line.

“Full pads go on tomorrow so we will be able to go to the ground with them and have full speed tackling.  We saw a lot of good things and there are a lot of good things out there, but we are still a long way from being a football team that we feel like we can put on the football field right now. We are not there yet,” said Morris.

“Those guys have to grow up. We are expecting those guys to grow up… Those are the guys we are challenging and working hard. They have to work on getting better every day.”




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