Watson Comes Out with Fight

Watson Comes Out with Fight


Watson Comes Out with Fight


TheClemsonInsider.com catches up with Clemson defensive tackle Josh Watson.

“I thought we were very competitive.  We came out tough and strong.  We showed a little fight when coach Swinney put us in situations where our back was against the wall.  We showed a lot of fight and toughness out there just making plays.  We showed coach that we aren’t the weak link like he labeled us as because of our inexperience in the summer time.  We took it to heart.  I kind of got mad about it in the offseason and so did Grady and DeShawn.  We took it to the training to show that we are going to be one of the strong links instead of one of the weak links on the team,” said Watson.

Josh has found himself in a three man rotation at defensive tackle.

“Coach Brooks had us in the rotation.  He calls us the three horsemen, me, Grady and DeShawn.  We saw that in the game we can play a lot of plays and be rotating and be fresh.  We can play a lot of plays and be productive for this defense and not just be some guys that take up blocks,” said Watson.

What is the difference this year for Watson?

“Confidence for sure.  I knew that Renny and Brandon were gone.  I felt bad last year that they didn’t have a lot of depth behind them.  They had DeShawn, but me, Grady and Tavaris we didn’t step up like we needed to.  I think it showed later on in the season when they got worn down.  I knew this year was our year and I wanted to right those wrongs,” said Watson.



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