A Moment of Truth

A Moment of Truth


A Moment of Truth


By Wayne Gallman.

Clemson verbal commitment Wayne Gallman, one of the top running backs in the South, is doing a diary with TheClemsonInsider.com.  In this edition the prize recruit discusses the his season opener in the Georgia Dome, next week’s match-up with the nation’s No. 1 team Miami Central and much more!

Today’s practice went really, really well.  The offensive line has been trying to get better every day.  Today they did a great job.  I have been doing my thing and the whole team is getting better.

In practice I have been spending the majority of my time on offense.  Last week I don’t even remember playing defense but I did.  I will be starting at running back and linebacker.  I won’t be getting off the field at all.  I will also be doing kick returns.

We haven’t had a scrimmage yet.  Our coach wanted to get all of the plays in first.  We scrimmage against each other.  Our defense is one of the best in the nation.  Our offense gets to go against them every day.  If we can play well against them imaging how we will do against other teams.

We open our season Saturday in the Georgia Dome.  We will be playing McEachern.

Truthfully you know how the coaches hype you up for each game.  They tell you this team can beat you and have you watch the film, but I have no doubt that we will win.

We will have something to show Miami Central when we play them.  I am from Florida so I want to do good in that game.  That should be a good one.  Their offense is real quick.  They aren’t as big as we are but they are real quick.

A lot of the Clemson coaches will be over for that game.  I have been talking with the coaches but we haven’t really talked about that game much.  We have just been checking in to see how things are going.


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