Kamara - "I can help next year"

Kamara - "I can help next year"


Kamara - "I can help next year"


Clemson verbal commitment David Kamara helped lead Grayson High to a big victory Friday night.

“It was good. We won 45-7.  I got an interception.  I dove for it and got it,” said Kamara.

Saturday night David was in front of the tube watching the Tigers battle Florida State.

“I watched the game.  It was a good game.  They looked good.  At the end they just lost it.  You have to play four quarters.  The defense just needed to make more plays and they would have won,” said Kamara.

Did the top defensive back watch the game with the Grayson trio?

“Me and Robert watched it together over at a friends house,” said Kamara.

Before the game David had a chance to speak with a couple of Clemson’s coaches.

“I talked to coach Elliott and coach Cheese before the game.  They were ready,” said Kamara.

The Grayson standout believe he can help the Tigers at corner next fall.

“I feel like next year I can help them,” said Kamara.

David plans to be back in the Valley with his teammates when the Tigers return to Death Valley to play Georgia Tech.

“I will be there for the Georgia Tech game.  Wayne and Robert should be there with me,” said Kamara.



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