Time for the latest edition of Ask TCI.  Each week we will take questions on the message board The Rock.  We will take questions up until midnight on Tuesday.

Each weekend we will run our Ask TCI feature with answers to some of the questions asked by the Clemson Insiders.  Make sure to get your questions in next week.


Question – Do you or TCI staff get a lot of recruiting info from your sources that you cannot put on here?

TCI –Of course.  I’ve been covering Clemson recruiting for ten years.  As those that have been on our board for a while know we always try not to release information that is not in Clemson’s best interest.  There are many reasons why we keep recruiting information to ourselves.  Sometimes it is not in Clemson’s best interest to get that info out.  Other times we hold onto it because of promises we make to the recruits or other sources.

Question – Do you have any information on 2014 prospect Kevin Crosby? Where is he leaning and is Clemson recruiting him at LB or TE? I’ve heard the coaching change at Bamberg may have hurt us, is that true?

TCI – We have run articles on Kevin for the last two years.  Clemson was in good shape early, but has slipped over the past six months.  They are still in the mix, but not the leader at this time.  The current staff certainly has ties to South Carolina.  I saw his dad wearing a Gamecock shirt to Shrine Bowl practice last year.  Clemson would allow Crosby to play tight end or linebacker.  Right now he prefers to play on offense.

In my opinion he  is a 5-star linebacker, but not a 5-star tight end.

Question – Which red-shirts are most likely to have an impact early next year? Any updates on prep guys?

TCI – Two names jump to  mind when talking about red-shirt freshmen that will have a big impact in 2013.  Germone Hopper will certainly be a factor at receiver.  He has incredible speed and would have been a contributor this year if not for all the great depth at Clemson.

Jay Jay McCullough is another one.  He has the physical skills to do everything Dwayne Allen did at Clemson and may have better hands from what I have seen.  He will be an immediate impact at tight end.

Lawson and Tankersley are both having very good seasons at Hargrave.  It has been a tough semester for both as they have both wanted to be at Clemson.  They will both help next fall after enrolling in January and going through the spring.  In the long run their four years at Clemson will be better due to the prep school experience.

Question – It has been mentioned that certain teams have microphones set up in the stands to amplify the crowd noise to gain more of a home field advantage. Are there not any rules or regulations in place to prevent this? Does not seem fair. If there are not any rules, why wouldn’t every team do it?

TCI – Wake Forest is one of those teams.  They have a mountain of speaker on the sidelines they use to pipe in the noise.  The only rule is that they are not to play the music or noise once the offense is ready to snap the ball.  I can tell you that Wake Forest pushed that rule on a number of occasions Thursday night because of Clemson’s tempo.

Question – Do you think it’s just a matter of time before CJ Fuller makes a commitment to Clemson? He’s already said that clemson was his favorite school growing up and we are his first offer.

We think it is very likely that Fuller ends up at Clemson.  The only thing that could keep Fuller from Clemson is if he believes he would prefer to play at another school where he has a better chance of playing running back.

Question – Which positions will we worry about next spring/summer?

TCI –The biggest question marks going into the spring will be running back and center on the offense.  On the defense the biggest concerns will be the secondary.  Clemson will be loaded on offense again next season.  If Norton or Guillermo can get the job done at center and the Tigers can find two top running backs to take the place of Andre Ellington.

On defense the Tigers will lose seniors Brewer, Hall and Meeks.  Clemson will move Blanks to safety as Dabo has said on a number of occasions.  The questions will be who will take the other safety spot and who will win the battles at corner.

Question – Besides Tajh, who are the true leaders in the locker room?

TCI –This is definitely Tajh’s team for sure.  Dalton is also a big leader on offense along with with Nuk and Sammy.

On defense Meeks, Hall and Brewers are some of the senior leaders.  Shuey is becoming a leader on the defense as well.  Goodman is not a vocal leader.  He tries to lead by example.




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