Time for the latest edition of Ask TCI.  Each week we will take questions on the message board The Rock.  We will take questions up until midnight on Tuesday.

Each weekend we will run our Ask TCI feature with answers to some of the questions asked by the Clemson Insiders.  Make sure to get your questions in next week.


Question – Reading about Shaq Lawson, his coach said he moved to DT during year. Is he going to be DE? Also, how does he compare to Crawford since they both spent time at Hargrave?

TCI – Great question.  The truth is Shaq could play either but we look for him to drop a little weight once he gets in the program at Clemson and play the same position as Crawford.

As for how he compares to Crawford, Shaq is better at this point in his career.  He will be able to come in an make a bigger impact right off the bat.

Question – Assuming Tajh and Murray return and Nuke does not, who will be favored in the opener and by how much. Also, what do you project the pre-season rankings to be (will we be ahead of the coots)?

TCI – We project Clemson to be favored by a small margin in the game based on the game being played in the Valley.  Georgia loses almost everyone on defense but returns almost everyone on offense.  Right now it looks like it could be shootout in the Valley.

If you saw the top six I put out a week ago I had South Carolina No. 5 in the nation and Clemson No. 6.  Clemson and South Carolina both play Georgia in the first two weeks of the season so we will find out quickly who has the best team in the Palmetto state.

Question – Will Chad Morris win a National Championship as a Head Coach?

TCI – That one is hard to predict.  It will all depend on where he lands once he gets his first college head coaching position.   Morris is a great offensive coordinator.  What nobody knows is how he will be as a college head coach.

Question – Let assume the recruiting “gods” smile down on Clemson and we sign Lawson, Adams, McKenzie, Baker, Clarke and Crowder along with our current commits. Who among this class is likely to have the biggest impact as a freshman?

TCI – On the offensive side we believe Dye will have a big impact at running back.  On the defensive side if Clemson sign’s the group you mentioned expect Adams and Alexander to have the biggest impacts.

With the talent coming in on the defensive line and the progression of the young players already on campus we expect the defensive line to make major improvements in the offseason.  Also Alexander would be a huge lift at corner.

Question – Who among the current senior class will be the hardest to “replace” next season?

TCI – We will have to go with two players.  Nuk Hopkins will be one.  Clemson is loaded with talent at receiver, but it will be hard to find one more productive than Nuk.  Nuk will go down as one of the best ever at Clemson without a doubt.

The other would be Ellington.  Clemson will have to replace Andre will running back by committee initially next year.

Question – If you could guess right now with your inside knowledge and experience, where will the 2013 recruiting class rank. What number nationally?

TCI – We expect Clemson to have a strong finish to the 2013 class.  We would expect Clemson to finish in the top 15 and possibly finish with another top ten class.  If Clemson lands Adams, Lawson and Alexander that will be three of the top 15 players in the nation.  That will send the class skyrocketing up the rankings.

We also believe Clemson is going to go after some new players, most of which will be 4-star type guys to fill out the class.

Question – Do you (Robert) think we should take a more “open” approach to recruiting and factor in some of this decommittment trend we are seeing? For example, if we have two good running backs committed and that is our number. Should we still be looking for running backs?

TCI – The staff has a good feel for which guys are very firm and which are not as firm.  They usually try to have backup plans in place where they can.  Sometimes though players are just not honest and it is hard to tell where they really stand.

The key is to wait and see how things finish on signing day.  In many cases the Tigers actually end up better with the replacements than they did with the original commit.  Character of the player is also very important.  Sometimes when you lose guys that don’t have the right character you are better in the long run because they run into issues at the other school they select.

Question – How many new members signed up on the site after the bowl win

TCI – Well we aren’t going to release any numbers but we can say that win was certainly good for the site as it kept everyone’s interest in the Tigers and will make for a great offseason.  We continue to grow like crazy thanks to our recent hires and having a site full of some of the best Clemson fans around.  We really appreciate our members and they are what helps make TCI the site it is.

Question – How is Tyshon Dye doing? I believe he was injured and am curious to know if he will be ready for action when he arrives on campus.

TCI – If you saw our interview with Dye yesterday you know that he said he was now 98 percent.  He should be good to go when he arrives on campus this summer.  The staff has told both he and Wayne Gallman to be ready to play the day they step on campus.



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