A Moment of Truth - Gallman Diary

A Moment of Truth - Gallman Diary


A Moment of Truth - Gallman Diary


By Wayne Gallman.

Wayne Gallman

Future Clemson running back Wayne Gallman, one of the top running backs in the South, is doing a diary with TheClemsonInsider.com.  In this edition Wayne discusses his workouts, a visit from coach Elliott and much more!

I have been working hard every day.  My trainer works a lot on muscle  endurance.  I have been doing a lot of weight training, but not to do big weights but to prepare my body.

Tonight I maxed out on the squat at 515.  A couple of weeks ago I maxed out on the bench at 325.  I have also improved my speed.   I ran a 4.38 40 recently.

I have been working out so hard that I lost some weight.   I was down to 193, because I have been training every day and on the weekend.  I am back up to 200 now.

Coach Elliott stopped by the school on Monday.  He was just checking up on  me and Ryan.  Checking on our grades and finalizing all of stuff.

I am moving in on June 23.

Austin (Meadows) is telling me he is coming, but says if the money is really high he might go to MLB.

I know I am going to  room with Tyshon for sure.  We are trying to figure out who the others will be.

I am ready to leave now for Clemson.  I am tired of all the stuff I have to do right now.  I am ready to get to Clemson and start school.




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