Okey has dreamed of being a Clemson Tiger

Okey has dreamed of being a Clemson Tiger


Okey has dreamed of being a Clemson Tiger


Clemson signee Chris Okey is just two or three days from hearing his name called during the Major League Baseball draft.  Chris has been doing his best to handle  the pressure as his big decision approaches.

“I am trying not to think about it much.  I know there should be a lot of pressure.  I am sure one day I will wake up and feel the pressure.  I am just hanging out with my friends and trying to enjoy my time here and not think too much about it,” said Okey.

Is the nation’s top catcher nervous or excited with the draft just days away?

“It is a little of both.  I am nervous and excited no matter what happens.  All my life I have dreamed of going to Clemson and being a Clemson Tigers.  Of course all kids dream of playing professional ball.  Either way whether I go to Clemson or I go now I will hopefully get a chance to play professional ball one day.  For me  right now I am in between both, some days I am calm and some I am like a rabbit,” replied Okey.

Tuesday the prize recruit spoke with Clemson head coach Jack Leggett.

“I talked to coach Leggett today about the draft process.  He told me he was real disappointed they lost. He told me it would be great to get me on campus.  Our class coming in is close to the great class they have this year.  It would be great chemistry.  He is really pumped up for next season and sees a lot of promise for next season,” said Okey.

Chris has strong family ties to Clemson.

“My mom was a cheerleader there in the 80’s.  My granddad was one of the guys that helped get IPTAY going,” said Okey.

How do Chris’ parents feel with the draft just days away?

“They are just fine.  They are not putting any pressure on me.  They just want what is best for me.  They have been great throughout the process.  They are just waiting to see what happens June 6 or 7.  If I go to Clemson or if I sign with a team they will be supportive,” replied Okey.

Although his parents are very supportive Chris knows what his mother would like him to do.

“We had a talk in the living room.  They didn’t tell me which way to go.  They said they have my back.  I know deep down inside she wants me to go to Clemson.  She is a teacher so she wants me to get my education.  If they want me to do something they are not really telling me though.  They are leaving it up to me and being very supportive,” said Okey.

Wednesday Chris hopes to get more information.

“My advisor has been handling all of the calls with the teams.  We are having an in-home meeting tomorrow to see what we think will happen,” said Okey.

A few teams appear to be showing the most interest right now.

“I did workouts with the Pirates and the Yankees.  They don’t really tell you much. Some tells tell you before draft day and some just wait and tell you during the draft.  I feel like the Yankees and the Mets like me a lot.  If I had to bet on two teams it would be those two,” said Okey.

Chris has his mind on being a Tiger right now, but knows he may face a difficult decision in a few days that he may have to make quickly.

“In my mind I am all about Clemson right now.  That is the only thing that is guaranteed right now.  Clemson is on my mind.  If the call comes and it is a fit and everything is right it may take me longer to look at my options and see what is best for me.  Some teams want to know on the spot, if I offer you will you sign.  That could be a lot of pressure to make the decision that fast,” said Okey.



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