Columbia long snapper has options

Columbia long snapper has options


Columbia long snapper has options


By Hale McGranahan.

Wright Bynum told TheClemsonInsider earlier this week that he’s been to “every single” Clemson game since he was a little kid.

Last Saturday, for the Tigers’ 28-0 win over Georgia State, the 2015 long snapper from Columbia-Ben Lippen, made his second trip as a prospect. Bynum’s first recruiting visit was earlier this season for the Syracuse game.

“My coach had contact with them first…the only real contact I’ve had is through my coach,” Bynum said.

But, during recruiting visits to Clemson, Bynum has spoken with special teams coordinator Danny Pearman and offensive line coach Robbie Caldwell.

“The message they’ve given me is that they’d like for me to be up there. They like my size. They would love for me to come up there and snap there. They tell me I’d be a preferred walk-on — get into school and then compete for the job when I get up there,” Bynum said.

South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and Maryland have also been in contact. Of that group, the Gamecocks have expressed the most interest.

“They really want me to come play there,” Bynum said.

All see him as a preferred walk-on.

“South Carolina told me I’m the only one they’re recruiting,” Bynum said, “When I get there, I’d probably get the job and be on scholarship there, if I earn (the job),” Bynum said.

His favorite “would probably be Clemson.”

“I’ve always been a Clemson fan. I’ve always dreamed about playing there. If I had to pick, I’d probably say Clemson,” Bynum said. “That would be my dream school to play at, but South Carolina has really been on me high right now. It’s kind of opened my eyes a little bit to the other schools.”

This weekend, Bynum will be in Clemson for the South Carolina game, but not as a prospect.

Ben Lippen head coach Derek White believes Bynum has the tools to play in that game one day, if he decides to take one of those routes.

“I’ve been around the game for a long time. Even though I’m young, I’ve been around this game a lot. He’s the best I’ve ever — I know he is — he’s the best I’ve ever coached. He may be the best I’ve ever seen,” White said. “He has the big body. That’s the thing that’s got everybody kind of going crazy.

“You want that guy who’s (fast) enough on punt to get down the field and cover, but you also want a guy big enough on field goal to block. He’s 6-4, 230 with a lot of room to grow — 260-270 is not at all a stretch for him.”



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