Jake's take

Jake's take


Jake's take


By Hale McGranahan.

From Saturday’s 35-17 win over South Carolina to the Chad Morris departure for SMU on

Monday to the promotion of Jeff Scott and Tony Elliott on Tuesday, the last seven days in Clemson have been quite eventful.

Along with Albert Huggins, Jake Fruhmorgen was in town last weekend on official visit.

TheClemsonInsider caught up with the four-star offensive tackle for his take on the past seven days, starting with his official.

“That was fun getting to hang out with some the guys and really meet some of the players, getting to see some of your friends for the next couple of years,” Fruhmorgen said. “It was great being up there for a while, instead of more than one day at a time.

“I really loved it and it really solidified my love of Clemson, so that was great.”

Fruhmorgen didn’t really care for the news of Morris’ departure, but understood what it meant to the Tigers’ former offensive coordinator.

“I wish he would stay with us, but I’m glad he got his opportunity,” Fruhmorgen said. “He’s just taking the opportunity that he can, so I’m not too disappointed in him, because I know what kind of person he is and the mark he left on this program.

“All the things he did for the program, I can’t thank him enough, so I’m just happy about him having that opportunity.”

The promotion of Scott and Elliott, he said, was a good move.

“They’re both deserving candidates. I know both coaches well. We went out to dinner with them this weekend, hung out with both of them a lot,” Fruhmorgen said. “They’re both great coaches, both deserving and I think it’s great for the future, because they’ve recruited a lot of the guys in this class.”

The Tampa-Plant (FL) senior will return to Clemson in January, to begin his freshman year.

“I’m ready. I can’t wait to go to college, get in the workout program, so I can get bigger, stronger and faster,” Fruhmorgen said. “I want to help the team out as much as I can.”

It’s as simple as that.

“I want to get as much playing time as I can, but my real goal is to get in there and get a lot better,” Fruhmorgen said. “Everything, my game, academics, my strength — all of that. I want to become a better player.

“If I get to play because of that, that’s good. If I don’t, I still want to grow a bunch during that year.”



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