Lamar excited he got reps at middle linebacker

Lamar excited he got reps at middle linebacker


Lamar excited he got reps at middle linebacker

Tre Lamar took the time to meet with the media on Tuesday as second-ranked Clemson prepares to host Troy in the home opener in Death Valley. The freshman is coming off a game where he totaled three tackles and a sack in the Tigers’ 19-13 victory over Auburn.

Question: Was Auburn one of the schools you visited in the recruiting process?

Lamar: “Yeah I visited them a couple times actually. I had a really good relationship with the coaches over there, but I decided to come here.”

Q: How much were you expecting to play Saturday?

Lamar:  “I knew I’d get in on some goal line stuff, some heavy personnel things but I wasn’t sure if I was going to get some reps at middle linebacker so to get some reps out there was awesome.”

Q: What’s the feeling like going from being the 5-star big star in high school, then coming here and having to wait your turn and not even know if you’re going to get into the big game or first couple of games?

Lamar: “I feel like you definitely have to humble yourself and just come in here ready to learn and listen to the guys that are older than you because they’re willing to help you. So I definitely just had to humble myself and learn from the guys in front of me and it’s been working out.”

Q: There are some other guys in the locker room who maybe didn’t get to play and are a little disappointed?

Lamar: “I mean everyone’s a little disappointed that didn’t get to go out there and play this week. Everyone has been working hard. I know the freshman are disappointed. I think everyone is talented enough to be on the field.”

Q: Were you then thankful that you got to get some snaps?

Lamar: Oh so thankful, so thankful.

Q: Are there any older guys who have taken you under their wing and sort of mentor you a bit?

Lamar: “I think Ben (Boulware), Kendall (Joseph) and Dorian (O’Daniel) all three of them have really been helping me out with plays, lining up in the right spots and personnel’s. They’ve really been mentoring me and helping me a lot.”

Q: This team had a lot of problems last year with kick coverages. Is that an opportunity you really embraced to be a part of that unit?

Lamar: “Yes, definitely I just want to be a contributing factor to this team anyway I can and if that is on kickoff that will be my spot. So if I can help there I will definitely try.”

Q: What it was like jumping from practice to games in terms of intensity?

Lamar: “Everyone plays harder on game day you know. Everyone’s hyped up, you hear the crowd, the band playing and getting excited. The intensity definitely goes up for everyone. It feels different.”

Q: Will you have more butterflies Saturday standing on top of the hill? What have your teammates told you to expect?

Lamar: “They told me it’s awesome but not to fall on the hill. I’m excited to run down there. I’m sure it will be a packed house and it will be one of the most exciting things I’ve done.”



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