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Trending on TCI

What’s trending on The Clemson Insider’s message board today? A number of topics, including Clemson’s ‘Jumbo Package’, Clemson’s home field advantage in recent years and Clemson’s coaches who are going to visit a 5-star target.

Also, the list of FBS team that won road games last week isn’t long, and Clemson is among the NCAA leaders in active NFL players. And which game or games are you most looking forward to watching this weekend? Who wins the Battle at Bristol, Tennessee or Virginia Tech?

Here is what is trending on TCI today:

Are you ready?

Tigers can have fun with their ‘Jumbo Package’

Home field advantage

This is impressive

Clemson coaches going to visit 5-star

Might as well not play

Most Players on NFL Opening Day Rosters

After re-watching the game 

Which game do you want to watch?

List of FBS teams that won road games last week

Battle at Bristol


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