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What’s trending on The Clemson Insider’s message board today? A number of topics from Monday’s interviews in the West End Zone, including Deshaun Watson on his fourth-quarter interception at the goal line on Saturday and how his shoulder feels, and Leggett on the silver lining in the loss and the mistake he made on Watson’s last pick.

Also, do Watson and Clemson feel fortunate to still be in the College Football Playoff picture after the loss, and how do you feel about Clemson’s game against Wake Forest this week?

Here is what is trending about Clemson on TCI today:

Leggett on the silver lining in loss

Anchrum: “We needed to understand the pain”

Leggett: Reality Check

Watson on his shoulder

Leggett admits mistake on Watson’s fourth quarter interception

Watson hurting draft stock?

Does Watson, Clemson feel fortunate to still be sitting in playoff position?

Watson on the second-and-goal call

How concerned are you with Wake?



Clemson is coming off a historic performance against Auburn on Sunday night in San Diego. The fifth-seeded ACC Tigers scored more points than they ever have in an NCAA Tournament game, while limiting the No. (…)

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