Up Downs

Up Downs


Up Downs


The 2016 postseason is underway as second-ranked Clemson looks to make it back to the National Championship Game in Tampa, Florida.

In this edition of our Up Downs feature we take a look at which players made a move in the last week, which players are elevating their game and their position on the depth chart.


Maverick Morris – As Jake Fruhmorgen remains away from the team others are getting snaps at right tackle. In the ACC Championship Game Maverick Morris saw significant snaps at right tackle along with Sean Pollard. Morris was in on critical drives in the second half.

C.J. Fuller – Fuller has completely separated from the other running backs battling for the second spot on the depth chart. He made some critical runs in the ACC Championship Game. His confidence is growing by the game as is his level of play.

Marcus Edmond – After being limited by turf toe for several weeks, Edmond was back on the field for significant snaps during the ACC Championship Game. Edmond has made some of the most important plays of the season for the Tigers. It is great to see him healthy enough to make a major contribution again.

Albert Huggins – With Scott Pagano still not back Huggins once again saw sigificant snaps in the ACC Championship Game. The playing time Huggins has received with Pagano on the sidelines the last few games has been critical for his development. Pagano will be back for the Fiesta Bowl and Clemson’s depth at defensive tackle will be in much better shape with an improved Huggins now in the mix.

Jordan Leggett – Leggett was a critical player again in the ACC Championship Game. The senior tight end is making himself a lot of money and helping his draft status with his play down the stretch. He will be a major weapon for Clemson in the College Football Playoff.


Jake Fruhmorgen – The sophomore is still not back with the Tigers. The longer he stays away the more others gain experience and improve their game.

Mark Fields – Fields did a good job at corner the past few weeks while Edmond was sidelined with turf toe. Edmond was back for the ACC Championship and took the majority of the snaps. Fields has improved in his absence and will continue to contribute, but will we see his role limited with Edmond back.


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