Clemson squarely in the mix for 5-star Zion Williamson

Clemson squarely in the mix for 5-star Zion Williamson


Clemson squarely in the mix for 5-star Zion Williamson

Contrary to a recent report naming top schools of Spartanburg Day five-star forward Zion Williamson, his recruitment remains wide open.

The Clemson Insider spoke with Williamson’s stepdad, Lee Anderson, who debunked the reported top four of Duke, Kansas, Kentucky and South Carolina, and said Clemson is still very much in the mix.

“He’s considering those who are recruiting him right this minute, but there are no top 10, top five, top four, top three as somebody may have suggested not long ago,” Anderson said. “But of course Clemson and South Carolina have been recruiting Zion regular and hard. They’ve been doing it as the other schools — they’ve all been recruiting him. But there’s no one, two, three, four, five. There’s none of that right now.”

Anderson played basketball at Clemson from 1976-78.

So, Williamson (6-7, 230) — the nation’s No. 1 prospect in the 2018 class — is familiar with Clemson.

“Number one, he likes Clemson,” Anderson said. “He likes all of them to tell you the truth. I haven’t heard him say a bad thing about any of them. But I played up at Clemson, and he knows that. He’s been up there numerous times and he has enjoyed himself immensely, and the football team winning the national championship was very big that Monday night when they won the national championship. He just loves that football environment.

“Not saying that would put Clemson ahead of anybody else, but he just loves good football, and Clemson won the national championship and that was big.”

When does Williamson plan to make a college decision?

“He said once going into his senior year, that fall going into his senior year,” Anderson said. “He may at that time, but then again he may wait until the season’s over. I don’t know yet when he’ll make it. I’ve heard that before, but which one will it be, I’m not certain.”

Williamson, who averaged nearly 37 points per game to go with 13 rebounds as a junior last season, is looking for the “family dynamic” in a school.

“Everybody is in this race together. All of them are in the race, and he’s looking for that family dynamic,” Anderson said. “He’s looking for that school that fits pretty much what the day school resembles, where people care about people — not I’m an athlete, I’m here to play basketball. That’s not what he’s looking for, and when he decides to sit down and come up with his list, I’m sure those will be the schools that will be in his top group.

“This is his thing, and we promise to guide him and support him, but this is truly his thing. His answer to any questions right now would be that he’s open to recruitment and he’s looking for what he’s looking for. He’s looking for that school that will give him that homely feeling. That’s what he’s looking for.”



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