Bryant staying off social media during QB battle

Bryant staying off social media during QB battle


Bryant staying off social media during QB battle

Clemson quarterback Kelly Bryant spoke with the media following Wednesday’s scrimmage in Death Valley. The rising junior completed 8-of-14 passes for 94 yards in the 100-play scrimmage. He also ran for a score, while taking all of his reps for the first-team offense.

Bryant told the media afterwards he is no longer on Twitter and he has turned off all of his notifications as he competes to be the Tigers’ new starting quarterback this spring.

Question: How did the scrimmage go?

Bryant: “It went great. We (the quarterbacks) started with looking at all the film from last scrimmage and you know it was up and down. We are going to watch the tape and learn from it and try and get better from it.”

Question: Any big plays that you can recall you made today?

Bryant: “Yeah it was some short immediate routes hitting Cornell (Powell) on a few and Ray-Ray (McCloud). On fourth down, when we went into the two-minute drill, I got out of the pocket and got the first down. You know just extending the drive, trying to make plays when no one was there with my feet.”

Question: Is the weather a factor at all since it is a lot hotter than it would normally be for a spring workout?

Bryant: “No sir it actually wasn’t a factor. It was actually hotter in Monday’s practice and there was a nice little breeze going today. It was perfect football weather out there.”

Question: I heard that the defense started out hot and the offense kind of got going a little later is that how you would describe it?

Bryant: “Yeah you know the first drive was a three and out and the second one as well. Like you said a little slow, but as the scrimmage picked up we got better.”

Question: With you being the top guy out there right now what is something you’ve learned in the spring camp about what it takes to be a starting quarterback?

Bryant: “Consistency that’s pretty much it. I learned since the day I got here all the coaches said that’s the only thing they’re looking for. Someone who will go out there and do what’s asked of them consistently … I can’t be up and down like you said so just being consistent.”

Question: Have you been as consistent as you can be?

Bryant: “No sir, I feel like I can be a lot more consistent. I don’t ever want to get too comfortable and settle because that’s where complacency happens. So I want to be more consistent.”

Question: Do you feel like there’s more pressure on you because you have to carry over what’s left from Deshaun (Watson)?

Bryant: “No not really. You know when you put too much pressure on yourself that’s when you start to second guess yourself and actually playing the way you can. So I don’t feel any pressure. I’ve got guys like Ray-Ray, Deon (Cain), C.J. (Fuller) and also the offensive line that help me just play.”

Question: Can you kind of judge where you’re at after each practice or week?

Bryant: “Like I said, every day after practice just going back and watching some film. Finding stuff I did well with you know, like what was my read. Then looking at some of the missed throws and reads and why did I make that bad read. Just doing that every day after practice and trying to be more consistent.”

Question: I was talking to Ramon (Robinson) and he said he tries to tell you to stay off the message boards and stay away from social media. Do you follow that advice?

Bryant: “Yes sir, I actually don’t have a twitter (account) anymore and I turned all my notifications off. I don’t really pay attention to any of that stuff. It’s just there to provide for the fans or whatever.”

Question: In your mind, are you the starting quarterback?

Bryant: “You know I feel like the competition is there and we are always trying to separate ourselves from each other so you know. It’s not finished, but we’ll see.”

Question: What have you improved on the most so far this spring?

Bryant: “Getting more comfortable in the pocket. I can feel when it’s breaking down and also with my eye discipline. Being able to post up and make those reads in the pocket with my eye discipline.”


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