Swinney says Death Valley can be improved

Swinney says Death Valley can be improved


Swinney says Death Valley can be improved

GREENVILLE, S.C. — The Clemson football program officially moved into the $55 million Allen Reeves Football Complex on National Signing Day this past February.

And though the new facility is considered the best in the nation, Clemson isn’t done improving its football facilities. Head coach Dabo Swinney said prior to Wednesday’s Greenville Clemson Club’s Prowl & Growl event at Fluor Field it is time to turn their attention back to Death Valley.

“There are details going on all the time in all areas of the program,” Swinney said. “But from a huge project standpoint there are other things down the road. There are things I would love to see happen at the stadium that I think would be great for Clemson football and the fans.”

One of those things could be an EastZone area, which would somewhat match the WestZone Clemson added to Memorial Stadium in 2009.

“There have been a lot of things to enhance the fan experience … the box opportunities, the WestZone has been phenomenal,” Swinney said to the media. “Some type of EastZone at some point is probably going to come. When? Down the road, but I don’t know. But you have to always be thinking towards those things. There is certainly opportunity to grow in our stadium.”

Right now Memorial Stadium is considered one of the best in the country as Clemson consistently ranks in the top 15 every year in attendance with more than 81,000, while the fan experience is considered to be the best in the ACC with all the tailgating and the Tigers running down the Hill prior to every game.

Clemson is considered one of the top 5 places a college football fan has to experience by several media outlets.

Despite all of that Swinney thinks there are still a few things they can make and do better to Death Valley.

“I think we have the potential for growth there,” he said. “We revamped all the suites, the boxes and we created the boxes and we created that whole south zone and that has been great.”

The football program could also improve a couple of areas that directly affect the football program as a whole … like a better housing area for the players.

“There are things from a housing standpoint that I think are important that need to be addressed down the road,” Swinney said. “We are always looking ahead and always paying attention to what is going on out there. You have never arrived.”


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